Substitute Teacher

Dayton, Ohio, United States Full-time

We are currently seeking for a day to day substitute teacher to cover classes and support instruction when needed. 
Candidates must possess a valid, long-term substitute teacher license.
A substitute teacher at Dayton Leadership Academies is a pipeline to a future classroom or intervention position with the school. 


Dayton Leadership Academies (DLA) substitute teachers are positive leaders who collaborate and communicate well with others. DLA substitute teachers embody the following essential qualities:

  • Past experiences and actions reflect a commitment to the DLA mission and core values
  • Demonstrates a sense of urgency and relentless pursuit of significant student achievement in a high need, urban environment
  • Reflective, self-aware and adaptable to others’ communication and work styles
  • Critical thinker and problem solver who takes initiative
  • Belief in the power of collaboration and strives to build a collaborative culture with DLA community, staff, families and students


Dayton Leadership Academies substitute teachers deliver engaging lessons, maintain a positive classroom culture grounded in our core values, and serve as positive role models for students. The essential functions are:


  • Implement the lesson plans provided and utilize DLA’s curriculum: Core Knowledge Language Arts, Expeditionary Learning, Eureka Math, Science Fusion, and Social Studies Alive
  • Follow the daily schedule and class agendas provided
  • Ensure students complete all assignments and turn into the teacher
  • Collaborate with grade level and house team on curriculum and student needs
  • Share knowledge and resources to enhance the educational process


  • Implement classroom management procedures outlined by the classroom teacher
  • Implement classroom management skills – provide clear directions, set clear expectations, have positive interactions with students, maintain the organization of learning environment, use Class Dojo system
  • Integrate technology into instructional program as directed and demonstrate professional use
  • Promote the proper use and care of school property; take precautions to ensure student safety
  • Maintain high standards and uphold the student conduct code


  • Supervise students at all times; supervise non-classroom activities when assigned in accordance with the negotiated agreement
  • Implement school and district policies and procedures
  • Contribute in meaningful ways to school-wide goals and student goals
  • Maintain accurate attendance records and submit on time
  • Monitor use of the Intra/Internet to ensure compliance with school guidelines
  • Respect personal privacy; maintain the confidentiality of privileged information
  • Perform other specific job-related duties as directed


  • Demonstrate professionalism and maintain a positive attitude
  • Skillfully manage individual and group interactions
  • Communicate effectively using verbal, non-verbal and writing skills
  • Use self-control, perseverance and physical skill to manage students
  • Organize tasks and manage time effectively
  • Avert problem situations and intervene to resolve conflicts
  • Maintain an acceptable attendance record and is punctual


I.EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree, valid state teaching certification/licensure


  • Two (2) years of substitute teaching experience preferred
  • Ability to build relationships with students, families, and colleagues
  • Ability to use curriculum to plan engaging and rigorous lessons
  • Ability to deliver lessons, check for understanding, and make adjustments as needed
  • Highly effective writing, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Effective use of technology (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, online attendance and gradebooks)


TYPE OF POSITION:  Full-time, Academic  

EVALUATION:  Reports to Assistant Principal; evaluated formally twice per year using OTES rubric