Intervention Specialist 3rd-5th Grades

Dayton, Ohio, United States | Full-time



DLA Teachers embody the following essential qualities:

  • Past experiences and actions reflect a commitment to the DLA mission and core values
  • Demonstrates a sense of urgency and relentless pursuit of significant student achievement in a high need, urban environment
  • Reflective, self-aware and adaptable to others’ communication and work styles
  • Critical thinker and problem solver who takes initiative
  • Belief in the power of collaboration and strives to build a collaborative culture with DLA community, staff, families and students


Dayton Leadership Academies teachers plan and deliver engaging lessons, create a positive classroom culture grounded in our core values, and assess and monitor student progress so that all students are in relentless pursuit of excellence. Special education/intervention teachers hold primary responsibility for the curriculum implementation and lesson delivery critical to the success of students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or performing below grade level. DLA’s individualized academic intervention program ensures that students needing additional support and those with special needs receive the support necessary for academic success. Student academic needs are met at all levels through co-teaching in literacy and math classes in the general education setting and intervention in small groups based on assessment data. The essential functions are:


  • Implement Expeditionary Learning, Guided Reading, Eureka Math, and Social Studies Alive and employ a variety of effective teaching strategies to meet the learning styles and interests of all students
  • Ensure that lesson plans align with the school's academic program and include differentiated supports, accommodations and modifications for exceptional learners
  • Plan student interventions and differentiated instruction based on assessment data
  • Collaborate with co-teachers, grade level and house team on curriculum and student needs


  • Create effective and engaging learning experiences aligned to the Common Core State Standards and DLA’s curriculum
  • Demonstrate successful implementation of teaching techniques and classroom management skills (i.e., creative instructional strategies, articulate communication of information, positive interactions with students, overall organization of learning environment)
  • Evaluate the needs of students using formative and summative assessments, including assessments required by the school and state and use the data to develop lesson plans aligned to student needs
  • Communicate with families regularly for positive recognition and support (e.g., telephone calls, messages, meetings, etc.); reinforce the Family Compact
  • Utilize data from functional behavior assessments to develop individualized behavior intervention plans
  • Provide activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration, and problem-solving appropriate to the development levels of the children with special needs
  • Work closely with co-teachers to identify and implement targeted accommodations and/or modifications in the inclusion setting
  • Provide resources and consultative support to general education teachers on differentiated instruction, behavior support, accommodations and other related special education topics
  • Maintain compliance under IDEA for all students on caseload including writing and coordinating meetings for IEPs, eligibility meetings and manifestation determination meetings


  • Contribute in meaningful ways to school-wide goals and student goals
  • Implement school and district policies and procedures
  • Supervise students at all times; supervise non-classroom activities when assigned in accordance with the negotiated agreement
  • Participate in open houses, families conferences, awards ceremonies, and school events as directed
  • Maintain accurate records and submit reports on time
  • Serve on at least one school committee and/or coach/advise an extracurricular activity
  • Coach other teachers on the team in areas of personal expertise; mentor a tutor or resident, as needed
  • Monitor use of the Intra/Internet to ensure compliance with school guidelines
  • Respect personal privacy; maintain the confidentiality of privileged information
  • Perform other specific job-related duties as directed in accordance with the negotiated agreement

Additional Job Information

  • Demonstrate professionalism and maintain a positive attitude
  • Skillfully manage individual, group and organizational interaction
  • Communicate effectively using verbal, non-verbal and writing skills
  • Use self-control, perseverance and physical skill to manage students
  • Organize tasks and manage time effectively
  • Avert problem situations and intervene to resolve conflicts
  • Lift, carry, and/or move instructional supplies and equipment
  • Perform activities that may require reaching, crouching, and/or kneeling
  • Maintain an acceptable attendance record and is punctual
  • Travel to meetings and work assignments



I.EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree, valid state teaching certification/licensure


  • Two (2) years of classroom teaching experience preferred
  • Ability to build relationships with students, families, and colleagues
  • Ability to use curriculum to plan engaging and rigorous lessons
  • Ability to deliver lessons, check for understanding, and make adjustments as needed
  • Experience analyzing student assessment data, using it to inform instruction, and differentiating instruction to meet all students’ needs
  • Highly effective writing, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Effective use of technology (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, online attendance and gradebooks)


 Full-time, Academic 

EVALUATION:  Reports to Assistant Principal; evaluated formally twice per year using DLA teacher performance rubric